Getting Disturbed, Hearing Voices in my head

David Draiman briefly talked about the band's 5th studio album, stating that the album will be as dark as their previous album, Indestructible, if not darker. Draiman also stated that the album is still identifiably Disturbed, but showing more maturation. Judging by Draiman's feelings on the last few years of his life, that Disturbed's new album will be aggressive, angry, and "hard-hitting", but will be similar to their album Believe.

In March of 2010, the band released a reissue of their debut album, The Sickness, with the B-side tracks "God of the Mind" and "A Welcome Burden", updated artwork, as well as remastering and remixing the track list. It was also available for the first time in vinyl format. One month earlier, Harmonix announced a second Disturbed pack for download on the Rock Band music store, containing the remastered versions of "Voices", "The Game", and "Meaning of Life".

Here is Voices: