Waiting for the End of Linkin Park

Back in early 2009, Linkin Park announced they were working on a 4th studio album, which was planned to be released in 2010. Mike Shinoda told IGN that the new album would be 'genre-busting,' building off of elements in Minutes to Midnight. He also mentioned that the album would be more experimental and "hopefully more cutting-edge." Chester Bennington also addressed the media to confirm that Rick Rubin would return to produce the new album. They later called this album, "A Thousand Suns".

While working on the new album, Linkin Park worked with Hans Zimmer to produce the score for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The band released a single for the movie entitled "New Divide". Joe Hahn created a music video for the song, which featured clips from the film. After completing work for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the band returned to the studio to finalize their album.

A Thousand Suns was released in September. The album’s first single, "The Catalyst", was released one month later. The band promoted their new album by launching a concert tour, which started in Los Angeles right around the release date of the album. Linkin Park also relied on MySpace to promote their album, releasing two additional songs, "Waiting for the End" and "Blackout" in September.

Here's the song, Waiting For The End: