The Distressed Status of Rock Songs

When we are saying "rock music" we now have numerous genres. There's slow rock, heavy metal, alternative and even those outdated Elvis Presley tunes are considered in the past to be rock tunes. In early 90's, we have seen and amazing growth of diverse rock bands that has added a new sub- culture in the rock genre like grunge and alternative bands like Nirvana, Green day.

Linkin park has also been grouped in the alternative rock scene although they use an innovative approach of mixing hip-hop / rap sound on their music, their approach has truly added to the popularity this form of music. But lately, the tables are generally turning in the rock music genre.

With the popularity of Justin Beiber among many teens, the state and potential of metal songs is apparently getting dark as it is pressed back even further down the underground scene and hard core metal lovers are becoming concerned. They have now created a movement designed to save the metal and rock lifestyle from being exterminated in what they call "whimp music".

From YouTube feedback to iPhone apps, these folks are established not to let the rock culture die. Even the famous game Guitar Hero has an ulterior objective and that's to help keep the love for heavy metal and rock guitar riffs in the eyes and ears of today's children. There are several iPhone applications, some are free of charge some asks for charitable contributions where you can get zero cost rock and metal songs and can even enable you to get a free ticket to a live concert.

Overly used iPhones in live shows have been a problem though, since they now allow cams in concerts, expect that insurance for iPhone to play a crucial factor as well. iPhone insurance will protect the costly phone from theft and unintended damages and iPhone insurance UK has been mainly famous to be the most complete there is in the market today when it is already allowed to bring cameras in concerts.

Now, insurance or no insurance, we can be sure more people will require part on this efforts to revive the music genre, lest Marilyn Manson is true in his song - Rock Is Dead. But I question it. The state of rock and metal rock is diminishing but with each one of these efforts being done, it'll create an impact and will impact Justin Beiber's whimpy world, one way of another. - iphone38a47x2a