Life as a Husband

One of my goals this year is to get back to writing.  Since I met my wife (and if you don't know me, it was May 26th...and a whirlwind courtship that resulted in me getting married November 7th), a lot has changed.  Not surprisingly, my time is now our time, and therefore I don't have hours to put together a Top 30 list (okay, occasionally I do) and muse about drunken stories from yesteryear.

For now, I think about how lucky I am. 

When Irish Spring and I started dating, she told me that she hated cuddling.  That same night, she said I was too sensitive and that she would be the man in the relationship.  For someone as insecure as I, normally those words would have been a deal-breaker...but that would've meant she was right.

So, here was a woman who hated cuddling, who fell asleep with her head neatly resting on my shoulder.  Today, a few months after that fateful night, Irish Spring can not fall asleep without her touching me. 

Fathers tell me the love of a baby is amazing, but I can assure you that laying in bed with the woman of your dreams needing your touch to fall asleep is incredible.  What's even more incredible is that during the night, when we lose touch with one another, she wakes up.  Sort of.

Irish Spring doesn't remember any of this, but if I try to pull my arm from underneath her head, she lifts her head, moans and groans until I put it back, and then she's asleep again within seconds.  When she turns over away from me, instinctively she reaches back across the bed and implores me to follow.

I'm a light sleeper.  I can lay awake for hours, and I certainly wake up when she moves, if only because she's smacking me in her sleep.  But the love I feel makes me love her more.   So, at 7:21 in the morning I write this.  The computer is on my lap, I'm awake, but she's breathing heavily...

And our legs are intertwined to make sure she gets a good night sleep.  It's a love I've craved all my life.